The ForkDive Experience

Food Comfort Cuisine

ForkDive is a unique Private Chef Experience in Louisville! Your home will be transformed into one of the best restaurants in the city. The only difference is that the entire experience is customized specifically for you and your guests.
You select the type of cuisine, choose the date and then enjoy the incredible experience!

Surprise your partner with a special romantic dinner.
Enjoy a delicious brunch with friends.
Celebrate a special occasion with the entire family.
The possibilities are endless.
We can’t wait to create the best personal chef dining experience for you. Schedule a consultation today to bring your vision to life.

Chef Rico Vidal,

Raised in Battle Creek, MI where the air smells of cereal. The city known for being the cereal capital helped spark his interest in culinary. Cooking & connecting with people has been a calling since he was an early teenager. Although no traditional culinary schooling took place, he held an apprenticeship under a notable chef in Nashville, TN. Through a series of experiences, he curated, restaurant takeovers & pop-ups throughout the city of Nashville is when he realized his culinary dream was beginning to be his reality.

Even during a global pandemic Chef Vidal took his love for connecting others through his food to another level. He founded the ForkDive Experience in late 2020. It is a full-service private dining & catering company based here in Louisville, KY.

Our Services

The ForkDive Experience is a full service private dining & catering company based in Louisville, KY. We offer meal prep, catering, private dining, & event services. Any celebration no matter big or small. Let us serve you while you entertain your guests. Rest assured every bite will be a burst of flavors that keep you wanting more.

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